Here are 5 ways I practice sustainability while traveling:

  1. Bring a reusable water bottle (glass or stainless steal are preferrable). Most airports have filtered water filling stations available. Make sure to empty it before going through security :). My favorite water bottles for traveling are linked in the shop section!
  2. Rent clothes for your upcoming vacation on a website like @nuuly, @renttherunway, or @fashionpass. All the websites have a huge selection of on trend styles for your upcoming trip, and if you love it and want to keep any items you can buy them for a discounted price! I love the flexibility of being able to pick out a bunch of fun dresses for a beach vacation even if I’m not sure if I’d wear them again.
  3. Pack snacks for the plane in reusable zip locks! I prefer bringing my own snacks for the plane anyway, usually there are not very many healthy items and there’s nothing worse then being starving on a trip and then the airline being out of what you wanted on the menu.
  4. Keep an eye out for local experiences that give back to the economy. If you are booking excursions often times you can find companies that are giving part of their profits back to support local conservation efforts or giving money to the local community. An example of this is some boating tours in Hawaii supporting ocean conservation efforts.
  5. Search for eco-conscious accommodation. Websites such as Holiable make it easy to look for and compare great eco-friendly options.

Do good for the universe and the universe does good for you back



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