Orcas Island, Washington: The serene island escape you didn’t know you needed

Nestled in the Salish Sea, Orcas Island is a picturesque destination in Washington State that is known for its natural beauty, serene landscapes, and abundant wildlife. The island is the largest of the San Juan Islands and offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and kayaking to whale watching and beachcombing. In this  post, I’ll walk you through what makes Orcas Island a must  for nature lovers looking for a refreshing getaway.

This feels like a lifetime ago but I still get questions on how I lived in Australia after college! The answer is a working holiday visa (I did a tourist visa too because I wanted to stay longer).  In this post I’ll go through how to get a working holiday visa, traveling the coast of Australia, and how I found work/housing etc. I backpacked for a little over 2 months and fell in love with Sydney along the way, so that’s where I ended up settling down. My experiences below are based off Sydney in 2016 but I would imagine most cities would be similar.

Working holiday visa (Subclass 417) is available in Australia for young adults who want an extended holiday in Australia and want to work there to fund it. It is for people 18-30 years old (or 35 for some countries) and can now be extended 3 times! I am from the United States so the age limit for us is 30.

A Week in Kauai: Where to eat, drink, and play

We stayed on the south end of the island near Poipu beach and loved the location. Kauai is pretty small so if you rent a car (which I kind of feel is a must) you can drive all around the island during your stay. The stunning landscapes, beaches, and range of activities were the star of Kauai for me. It’s on the quieter side compared to the other popular Hawaiian islands, I 100% recommend if you want a relaxed and rejuvenating vacation. I still dream of Kauai, it’s break taking.

Greece Itinerary: 10 Days, 3 Islands, Countless Memories

This was a trip I’ve been wanting to go on since watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in 2005 (IYKYK) and it did not disappoint. We went to 3 Greek islands in 10 days; Santorini, Milos, and Mykonos. It was such a special trip because each island had such unique experiences to offer and they are pretty close in proximity. We traveled between them by ferry and flew into Santorini and out of Mykonos to maximize time at each! I recommend doing at least two islands if you have the time because you can pack in such a dynamic vacation. I think it was the best mix we’ve had of adventure, relaxation and true cultural experience that we’ve had together.

I spent 2 months traveling the east coast of Australia on a Greyhound, starting in Melbourne and ending at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns! I’m not sure I would travel this way today but for the early 20’s traveler this is by far the most flexible and affordable way to travel. I recommend buying the Greyhound WHIMIT pass where you have 12 months to begin your trip and get unlimited travel back and forth along Australia’s East Coast. They offer 68 stops between Melbourne and Cairns and you just login to your Greyhound account to book the next portion of your trip when you’re ready. Like I said SO FLEXIBLE. They have free wi-fi and USB chargers, and decently comfy seats for sleeping on overnight trips… they don’t lean fully back but it’s a little better than an airplane seat.

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